Saturday, February 18, 2012

E-Cigarette Medical Review

Today, I found a great Youtube video that talks about the e-cig from a medical perspective. Feel free to place your comments and opinions below.

Friday, February 17, 2012

520 E Cigarette Review

The Joey 520 e cigarette kit is a great starter for beginners who are just starting to smoke this popular
electronic option. An electronic smoking device is a much better alternative to smoking a real cigarette.
Not only are you going to feel a lot better when smoking this type of cigarette, but you’ll also be savings
a lot of money out of your pockets each month. The electronic cigarette is going to very similar to
smoking a real cigarette, so it’s easy for consumers to make the transitions from one to another.
The electronic smokes are heated with electric produced by a battery in the device. This heat warms
up the liquid that is in there, creating a vapor. When the vapor it inhaled it’s going to taste like a real
cigarette, and it’s also going to have the same stimulation to the body. This is great for those who
want to quit smoking, but are afraid they are going to miss the habit every day. Smokers are lifting and
lighting just like before, but the liquid that they’re smoking in their 520 e cigarette kit is much healthier
for them then what comes out of a real cigarette.
With a fake electronic cigarette from the Joey 520 e cigarette kit consumers are no longer going to get
yellow fingers, and stained finger nails. Teeth aren’t going to be affected and tarnished, and consumers
don’t have to worry about bad breath from cigarette smoke. There is also no odor from the smoke of
this electronic device, so no worries about who can smell the smoke around you. This is great for those
who have to grab a quick puff in public places, or live around people who don’t care for the smell of
smoke much.
The liquid that comes with your Joey 520 e cigarette kit is going to help you quit smoking. You can
refill with liquids that have a minimal amount of nicotine if your unable to make the switch with no
nicotine, and you can slowly cut yourself down with each refill if you want. However you want to make
the adjustment is going to be up to you. The Joey 520 e cigarette kit comes with electronic cigarettes,
the liquid you put inside, and also a charger so you can charge your smokes anywhere you go. Make a
change for the better and start smoking an e cigarette instead of a real cigarette today.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

EGo E Cig Review

The eGo e cig starter kit is great for people who are on the go throughout the day or night, and for those
who don’t have a lot of room to be carrying around a lot of cigarettes. The eGo e cig starter kit comes
with two electronic cigarettes, 5 batteries, a wall charger, a USB charger, and 5 empty tanks for liquid.
This is a great deal, all at a very affordable price. An additional accessory that comes with this starter kit
is the carrying case, to make transporting your kit easy and stylish.
There are many benefits to using the eGo e cig, instead of grabbing a real pack of cigarettes at the store.
This product doesn’t have the high nicotine content, toxins and carcinogens that are in real cigarettes.
The starter kit also the same cost of a carton of cigarettes. The carton of smokes is only going to last
you a week or less, the electronic option can last you for years. All you have to do is get e liquid refills
occasionally, and recharge your batteries. This is going to be a lot of money saved, even in just the first
month of smoking.
The health benefits are also great. The smokers finger tips and nail beds aren’t going to be stained that
nasty yellow color, and smokers aren’t going to suffer with problems like bad breath, like with a real
cigarette. Another great benefit is that others aren’t going to smell the vapor that is released through
an electronic cigarette, because there are no odors produced by the device. The eGo e cig options allow
smokers to enjoy a smoke anywhere they want without bothering others, taking in harmful toxins, and
without smelling like an ashtray.
With eGo e cig starter kit you don’t have to worry about ashes, lighting up a cigarette that is going to
smell, or hurting your lungs with every puff. Instead you are going to be able to relax, enjoy your smoke
on the go, and carry your kit conveniently around with you. This is the only way to smoke, and this e
cig is a stylish model to carry around while you are out at night, or strolling during the day. Don’t waste
another day smoking bad cigarettes, or spending all of your money. Get an e cigarette pack today and
change your life for the better forever.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

E Juice Calculator Review

The e juice calculator is a great tool to use to determine how much nicotine to put into your refill, to put
into your electronic cigarette. This is especially essential for those who want to quit smoking, and they
are using the e juice calculator to slowly cut down on the amount of nicotine they are taking in each day.
When smoking an electronic cigarette it is almost the same as smoking a real cigarette, however none
off the negative side effects are associated with the electronic option. A few supplies are need to use
the calculator.
There are many different flavorings you can put into an electronic cigarette, and if you’re trying to cut
down on nicotine you can just reduce the amount of nicotine you put into the liquid, and increase the
mount of flavors. Alcohol like vodka can even be inhaled through the vapors of an electronic cigarette,
which is great for people who are enjoying an evening out on the town. Thee juice calculator tells you
how many milligrams of substance to put in, and then the consumers use a dropper to refill the tube
that goes into the electronic cigarette.
There are many already used recipes that you can get from different sites. This provides for some
delicious concoctions you may not know about. You can also create your own by putting the target
amount of nicotine you want, the base amount, and what else you want to put in. The e juice calculator
will then tell you how many drops of each substance to put into the refillable container. This type of
calculator can be found on several websites of electronic cigarette manufactures, and also downloaded
of the Internet. Using it is easy, and you’ll be glad you have it when you are trying to change the amount
of nicotine you’re inhaling.
An e juice calculator can help you quit smoking, add some flavor to your electronic cigarette and get
healthy. An electronic cigarette is much better for the human body, and the negative side effects that
come with smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette aren’t a problem anymore. Consumers can smoke
without releasing odors, getting bad breath, or staining their teeth for the rest of their lives. A calculator
will help you get the perfect concoction to enjoy smoking at any time of the day, and to beat the
unhealthy habits of smoking real cigarettes.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Disposable E Cigarette Review

If you are a smoker who is always trying get a whole smoke down on the go, the disposable e cigarette
may be a great option for you. Not all of the e cigarette manufacturers are offering these types of
devices to their clients; however companies like Apollo have them. This is a cigarette that you can
take out of your pocket or purse, smoke when you want to, and then throw it away when you’re done.
Carrying cases and accessories isn’t necessary with this product, and this is much healthier than smoking
a real cigarette.
The disposable e cigarette heats vapor that turns into steam. The steam is then inhaled by the smoker,
just like a smoker would puff and inhale a real cigarette. Instead of inhaling harmful nicotine and
tobacco, the smoker is inhaling and odorless, colorless and nicotine free smoke. This is very beneficial
to the body, and also cosmetically. People who smoke real cigarettes often have horrible breath, yellow
teeth and gums, a discolored tongue, stained fingernails and bad lungs. These problems are no longer an
issue when using and electronic smoking device, and the device is also going to save money.
The cost of a disposable e cigarette is cheaper than buying a pack of cigarettes. There is no mess of
tobacco in your purse or pockets if you haven’t finished the cigarette, and you want to save it for later.
When you want to save a real cigarette you have to make sure that it doesn’t get smashed or lose its
contents. The e cigarette can be thrown back where it came from, no mess and then heated back up
when the person is ready to smoke it again. When they are done with it they can just toss it into the
trash nearby.
For people who already smoke the electronic cigarette devices, this is a great way for you to carry a
smoke around with you on the go, without having to bring your entire kit along too. For those who don’t
smoke electronic cigarettes yet, try one of the disposable options to see if smoking this way could be
right for you. A disposable e cigarette is a great way to grab a clean smoke that won’t offend people, and
you can get rid of it easily when you’re done with it no matter where you are. Try your own to see if you
like it today

Monday, February 13, 2012

Super Mini Electronic Cigarette Review

The super mini electronic cigarette is super great for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of room to store
things around their workspace, in the car or on the go. This little version of the ever popular electronic
cigarette is a very stylish item to carry around, and you don’t have to be embarrassed smoking anymore.
This little device is going to calm your smoking cravings, and give you just the amount that you need
while you’re being discrete about it. This mini device can sit in a small purse, and not even make a mess.
When women are carrying around nice purses and handbags, the last thing that they want is to get
tobacco and the smell of nicotine on their valuable accessory. The super mini electronic cigarette is
odor free, and there is no tobacco inside to fall out. The cigarette operates by using heat to release a
flavorful vapor. This vapor is similar to the smoke that comes out of a normal tobacco filled cigarette.
However, there is no odor to it, and it doesn’t make the breath and clothes smell bad. It will sit in the
purse without staining, making a mess or creating a smell.
Many people are offended by the smell of smoke, and the super mini electronic cigarette is great for
people who want to step outside quickly to grab a quick smoke. Even though the smoke has no cent, the
mini option is easy to look over, so people won’t notice that you’re smoking. This is great for people who
are embarrassed about the fact that they smoke. Some people even think that this type of smoking is
cool and attractive, which is why the electronic smoking device is growing in popularity. The mini device
is the ultimate item for anyone who is on the go.
Don’t worry about taking your e cigarette kit with you when you’re running out the door, or when
you’re going to be on the go all day. Instead just use a super mini electronic cigarette on your small
breaks. This object is going to fit in any place that is convenient for you, and no one is going to know
that you were out taking a small smoke break throughout the day. You don’t throw out the cigarette, so
you don’t have to worry about disposing of messy ashes or dirty butts either. Get a super mini electronic
cigarette for your busy life today.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Smoking a Premium Electronic Cigarette

Smokers can stop worrying about what smoking is doing their health, and start enjoying a PremiumElectronic Cigarette. This is the new way to smoke, without all of the health hazards that come from nicotine. 
Smokers can stop stressing and worrying about having bad breath, yellow nails or clothes that
smell. Instead they can sit with friends and family, smoke an e-cigarette, and enjoy their life without
criticism and embarrassment.
Smoking an e-cigarette is mimicking the act of smoking. Instead of inhaling smoke, consumers are
inhaling a mist of vapor that tastes, feels and gives the same sensations that nicotine does. The small
device uses heat to create the vapors that are inhaled, and when exhaling the smoke there are no odors
or health hazardous. This is great for those who are worried about getting cancer and other health
conditions from smoking, or who are worried about exposing others to second hand smoke. There are
several brands to choose, but Premium Electronic Cigarette is one of the largest retailers in the world.
Everything from starter kits, refills and accessories are available through the company and site, and
consumers can say goodbye to their traditional cigarettes for good.
The Premium Electronic Cigarette can be smoked anywhere, since there is no odor. This is great for
people who are at large social events, or out to eat at an intimate meal. There are cases to carry the
cigarettes around in also, so consumers don’t have to worry about storing the items on the go. These
devices will run off batteries, and consumers may have to change the batteries out routinely, depending
on how often they smoke. Purchasing the kit, adding refills and paying for batteries is still much less
than buying multiple packs of cigarettes a week, and paying for medical bills that will arise later on due
to the health hazards of smoking.
Smoking a Premium Electronic Cigarette is a stylish and popular thing to do, and people will appreciate
when they no longer have to smell or inhale nicotine in the air. This product can be smoked anywhere
without concern. This is a great way for people to quit smoking, or to save money on their bad habits.
The mist and vapors are harmless to the body, and refilling the cartridges is easy to do. Don’t be at risk
for health complications and get an e-cigarette kit to start smoking today.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Save Money with the Cheapest Electronic Cigarette

If you’re looking to quit smoking and save money, getting the cheapest electronic cigarette starter kit
you can find will help. An electronic cigarette is a device that is powered by a battery to heat an e liquid
vapor. This vapor that is omitted is inhaled just like the smoke of a regular cigarette, but there are some
major differences. The vapor stimulates the body just like nicotine would, and it also tastes the same for
the smoker. The benefit is that it doesn’t have all of the harmful toxins and nicotine that is in tobacco, so
the smoker can smoke without quilt.

Start searching for the cheapest electronic cigarette starter kit you can find. This is going to be a kit that
has the cigarettes that you need, the charger, and also the e liquid. Elite Smoke and The Smokers Box
are two online stores that offer starter kits at discount prices to consumers, and can be just what you
need to quit smoking. A kit can run you as little as $20.00, which is a lot less than a carton of cigarettes.
Plus the starter kit is going to last you as long, or longer than a carton would.

The refills will have to be purchased occasionally, along with batteries to power the devices. These costs
are minimal over time in comparison with real smoking. You also don’t have to worry about insurance
rates going up from smoking, sever health complications that are induced from smoking, or being
embarrassed when you choose electronic cigarettes. There are no odors being omitted into the air of
your home or into a room if you’re out. You don’t have to worry about getting yellow stained fingers or
nails, and having stained teeth and bad breath from smoking for a long time.

The cheapest electronic cigarette options are going to be the bulk amounts that you can get from
suppliers. Look for sales and promotions going on all the time to if you want to get the best deals.
Buying in bulk is going to save tons of money down the road, and you won’t have to worry about
running out when you really need a smoke. Get online and find a top brand supplier. You can quit paying
the high costs for real cigarettes and health problems, and save a ton of money buying the cheapest
electronic cigarette packages you can find.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Use E-Liquid to Quite Smoking

Consumers around the world are able to break the nasty habit of smoking with electronic smoking
devices and e liquid. An electronic smoking device is shaped like a cigarette, and the product uses heat
to mimic the stimulation, taste and feelings of smoking a regular cigarette. The e liquid solution is what
gives this taste and feeling, and there are varieties of product options on the market to choose from. It
all depends on if the person is trying to reduce the amount of nicotine they are using, or if they want to
quit cold turkey.
Someone who wants to slowly reduce the amount of nicotine they are getting each day can start with an
e liquid that has a higher concentration. When its time to get a refill for the electronic smoking devices,
the person should then reduce the amount of nicotine in the liquid, and buy a lower dose. Each time
a refill is needed; continue dropping the levels of nicotine. Eventually the smoker will be down to just
smoking vapor out the electric smoking device, and there will be no more need for the nicotine. This is a
safe way for smokers to quit smoking, and adjust their bodies to the change.
The vapor that is inhaled from e liquid has no odor, so it isn’t going to bother those around the smoker.
There will be no smells on clothes and in homes, and no second hand smoke that is harmful to the
people around the smoker. Electronic smoking is increasing in popularity, and many people even
consider it to be stylish and classy, especially when compared to smoking real cigarettes. Using e-liquid
isn’t only going to help consumers live healthier and break that terrible smoking trend, but it’s also going
to save everyone money.
E-liquid refills for electronic cigarettes are much more affordable than packs of real cigarettes at the
gas station or store. The starter kits for the electronic smoking devices aren’t expensive, and consumers
just but the liquid refills when they need to. Batteries may also be need to be changed from time to
time. Quit the unhealthy habit of smoking, and stop walking around with yellow teeth and nails. Use
electronic smoking devices to cut down the amount of nicotine going into the body until the body is
ready to give up nicotine all together. This is a healthy and stress free way to quit smoking for everyone.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Mini Electronic Cigarette On the Go

The mini electronic cigarette is the best way to get a smoking fix when you don’t have a lot of room in
your bag, or if you’re on the go. This is a miniature version of the very popular electronic cigarette. For
those who don’t know this is a product that mimics the actions and stimulation that is practiced when
smoking a real cigarette, but an electronic option has no health concerns, and is odor free. No one
around the smoker has to wave their hands around in the air, or smell like smoke for the rest of the day.
With a mini electronic cigarette anyone can quickly find a window, run out of the office for minute, or
roll down the window in their car and grab a quick smoke. The miniature product can hide in a pocket or
purse easily without any concern. This is great for people who don’t want to carry their entire smoking
kit with them, or for people who don’t smoke as often as others. This provides just enough to last them
through the day. If you’re looking to cut down on smoking in general, this can be a great tool to use.
There are e liquids available for consumers that do or don’t have nicotine in the formula. If you are
trying to cut down on nicotine you can get a e liquid with a small amount, and put it into a mini
electronic cigarette. There won’t be as much to use as there would be in a full size device, so the user
isn’t going to be able to get as much nicotine out the product. For those that are away from home all
day this is a great way to monitor how much you’re actually smoking.
If you want to be able to smoke easily on the go whenever you want, without carrying around fill size
cigarettes or full size carrying cases, the mini electronic cigarette is a great option for you. The cigarette
is so little, and odorless, no one will even know that you are smoking. Don’t waste any more money
on real cigarettes, or jeopardize your health anymore and start cutting back on the amount of nicotine
you take in a day. The mini electronic cigarette is the perfect way to quit smoking, and a great way and
regulate how much you allow yourself to smoke every single day.